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A serious reaction…

In Australia, when unsafe situations occur, we have what is called a Lockdown. From what I know, many other countries do this. Basically, an alarm sounds and children must sit under their desks. The teacher hides by the door with lights off, and we must not use our phones unless it rings. We could have a lockdown should an unsafe person move through the school, a serious weather event occur or a bomb scare. Now you have the background information… 

The Easter Bunny visited our classroom today (it’s earlier than he normally visits schools because Easter is at the end of our Easter break). Most children were excited; some overjoyed at counting how many eggs they had received. One child, however, was not. She walked up to me and said, 

“Miss Rainbow, if there is a bunny walking around our school, I think we need a lockdown right now.”

I quickly explained that everything was okay and the Easter Bunny is a very friendly bunny! 


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