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As part of our phonics program, we use a wonderful text that breaks up its units into each of the sounds in the very complicated English language. One week, we were working on the /ar/ or /a/ sound (think car and glass). To practice making the sound, we pretended we were pirates. Then we tried to make the sound for as long as possible. It was great fun. I then asked the children to think of some words with the sound in it. 

To understand this, you’ll need to watch this video… 


One boy, who never really said too much, but had a lot going on inside his mind (very intelligent stuff going on I should say) put his hand up. HIs sense of humour was great and mature for his age (he was actually the youngest child in my class). He rarely shared ideas so I quickly called on him and he said,

“Arrrrrrr….. Allianz insurance that’s correct!”

I laughed. He laughed. The other children are still trying to figure it out. 


A serious reaction…

In Australia, when unsafe situations occur, we have what is called a Lockdown. From what I know, many other countries do this. Basically, an alarm sounds and children must sit under their desks. The teacher hides by the door with lights off, and we must not use our phones unless it rings. We could have a lockdown should an unsafe person move through the school, a serious weather event occur or a bomb scare. Now you have the background information… 

The Easter Bunny visited our classroom today (it’s earlier than he normally visits schools because Easter is at the end of our Easter break). Most children were excited; some overjoyed at counting how many eggs they had received. One child, however, was not. She walked up to me and said, 

“Miss Rainbow, if there is a bunny walking around our school, I think we need a lockdown right now.”

I quickly explained that everything was okay and the Easter Bunny is a very friendly bunny! 

It’s not all about the kids…

Sometimes, parents say interesting things to me also. One particular parent amused me more than others. She dropped her child off, looking rather frazzled. Her child was away the day before and I asked if he was alright. She reported he had ‘super nits’. She disclosed she’s never seen them so big in her life. She then said, 

“You know, my head was itchy all ay yesterday just thinking about it. I’m so pleased adults can’t get nits.”

Hating to be the bearer of bad news, but needed to tell the truth, I said, 

“Adults can, and do, get nits.”

I’ve never seen anyones eyes so wide. She grabbed her hair, and ran like the wind. I think she had super nits too. 

While we’re on the topic of head lice, I’ll share a few natural remedies with you to keep them away and get rid of them should you have them (note, this advice is for CHILDREN AND FOR ADULTS!!). 


Coconut oil

Zinc (drops and increase in your diet)

Tea tree


Mayonnaise (they hate the acidity and it makes it easy to comb them out as it makes your hair nice and slippery)

Vinegar (for eggs only- the eggs make a natural glue so they stick to your hair shaft and the vinegar kills the glue so they slide out easily)

Oil- I use oil to comb out the lice as again, it makes your hair slippery


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