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The brown word

At the school where I work, a courtesy note is sent home should head lice be in the class. Parents are asked to notify the class teacher if their child has nits. I rarely have to be notified from the parents. There’s that all too obvious way the child scratches their head. The head and the hand move to relieve the insanely annoying itch that is caused by the infestation. The funny thing is, once the note has gone home, the parent of that very child who was scratching all too obviously, comes to tell me that their child has nits. 

Each time I send the note home (which in my opinion is not a ‘courtesy’ note, it’s a warning to investigate every scratch, itch or bug that you see in the house), I let the children know that someone in the class does have head lice. I tell them it’s a normal part of being a kid (then little Sally lets me know she’s never had them, all in good time, Sally, all in good time), that I even had them (errrr in one of my university field experiences, just to add to the stress of being a uni student), and that Mums and Dads just need to have a quick check and then treat their hair if they have any. There’s even a cute book about an all too precious little girl who has nits that I often read. 

Any way, this one particular day, I handed the note out and before I could start talking kindly about the situation, one girl told me she had nits, without the itching and scratching… 

“Yep, got the crawlers. Mum found ’em this morning. She said the brown word. Not looking forward to tonight! **RAISES EYE BROWS TO OTHER KIDS AS IF THEY KNOW WHAT SHE’S IN FOR**”

I too, said the brown word when I found them in my hair as a 19 year old uni student visiting a Prep classroom. 


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