The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

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Hotel High Life

I recently told the children I live in an apartment building. I didn’t mean to tell them, but I mentioned having to take a lift where I live and the children asked a few questions. 

A few days later, one of the children said,

“Miss Rainbow, Mummy and Daddy are staying at your home tonight. They are staying at the Hilton in Brisbane!’

I clarified that I didn’t live at the Hilton… However, it didn’t get me too far. A few days after this, I talked about carrying so many heavy groceries from my car, to the lift, then to my kitchen. I then got advice from a child.

“Miss Rainbow, just get the bellman to take it to your room. Isn’t that why you live in the Hilton and not a normal house?’

I give in. I live in the Hilton. 



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