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If I had a Fairy Godmother…

We are doing lots of work on fairy tales in my class at the moment. This week, we read Cinderella. We talked about what we would do if we met had a Fairy Godmother. I asked one girl what she would do if she had a Fairy Godmother. She said,

“I would wish for her to wave her wand, and make you a prince charming and lots of babies to have with him. You won’t meet a prince charming without my wish, Miss Rainbow!”

Gee, thanks, kid. 



Oh, well excuse me!

While doing a history activity, the children discussed things they used/needed when they were younger, things they use/need now and things they may use/need in the future. The girls have high ambitions for the future and listed things like shoes, perfume, jewellery (some of the rings and necklaces they drew; they’ll have to marry rich!!), fancy cars and one child even drew a horse drawn carriage! 

I prompted her and asked, ‘Is that on your wedding day, Rachael?’ With a flick of her hair, a roll of the eyes, she looked at me and said, 

“Um, no, Miss Rainbow, that is how I’ll be getting to work!”

Oh, well excuse me!


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