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Chivalry at its best

Today, a boy, all of six years of age, held a door open for me. At my school we have ‘First Class Friend’ tickets that are handed out to children who are being ‘First Class Friends’. They can be handed out to children who are being helpful, showing good manners, showing kindness, showing a positive attitude, playing fairly and a few other things. 

I wrote one for the boy who held the door open for me. While I was writing it, he said, 

“You know I didn’t do it because I like you. I did it because my Dad said you should always do that for ladies.”

At least he called me a lady… 


Nothing like dating advice from a six year old…

While explaining to my class why I am a ‘Miss’ not a ‘Mrs’ a few children had questions. One was,

“Why aren’t you a Mrs yet?”

I explained I hadn’t met a husband YET. 

Later that day, a girl came up to me and said, 

“Miss Rainbow, I’ve been thinking about how you can’t find a husband. I know how you can find one. If you actually put on make up, and then put on some jewellery and then go and sit at a restaurant, you’ll find a husband. You just have to actually wear your make up and jewellery and just sit there. Then he will come.”

The next day, she brought me a bangle she decorated herself and said,

“This is so you can find a husband and become a ‘Mrs.'”

Still waiting, and I’m actually wearing make up and my finest jewellery. 


Violent arts

This afternoon, the children experimented with water pastels and coloured pencils to create impact with colour. One boy came up to me and asked, 

“Miss Rainbow, can I use the water pistols on my art now please?”

I repeated what he said in a questioning tone to see if he picked up on his little mistake. 

He replied saying, 

“Yeah, remember when you said we could use the water pistols to do our art work? Have you forgotten, Miss Rainbow?”

I just said, “No, no sweetheart. Off you go and use the water pistols.”

He skipped off saying, 

“Yay! Time for the water pistols!”

A very interesting art lesson indeed.



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