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Shake ya tail feather…

While at our sports carnival on Friday, parents and siblings were cheering on their children in the relay races. One sibling, cheered for their brother in a rather, interesting way…

“Go, Jack, shake ya tail feather!”

On a loud, hot, busy day in an open, large space outside, a roar of laughter erupted!



The clip

Today, while discussing  siblings and the sizes of families, one child announced, 

“Well my Mother has five children and she delivered them all naturally. Dad had enough once she had me, so she’s got the clip in her belly to stop the babies getting in!”

Good to know, child. Good to know. 

The pressure is on!

While playing a gam of ‘Round the World’ with my class one child became quite anxious. Initially, as the competing children came closer to her, she said she had butterflies. Then, as the child approached her chair to stand behind, she announced, 

“Oh it’s just too much! I need to go and do a nervous wee! I’l be back…’

And off she ran to the bathroom before her competing turn arrived! 

A name change…

The Voice is on in Australia at the moment. Some of the children in my class are OBSESSED. One boy came to me and said, 

“I am changing my middle name to!”

Now that’s a true fan!

Heart breaking…

This afternoon, as the children said good bye to me (they say, ‘Good afternoon and God Bless you, MRS Rainbow’) I smiled to myself; they still can’t get this MISS thing right. One girl asks, ‘Why are they still calling you MRS Rainbow? You’re not MRS, it’s Miss!’ I said I understood but it’s a tricky thing to get right. The girl then said, ‘You’re not married, yet, though!’ One child then joins in, 

“Yeah, you’re not married because you haven’t met a prince charming. Maybe you’ll never meet him and you’ll be Miss Rainbow forever.”

Gee, thanks, kid. 

Kid- 1 Miss Rainbow-0

We talk about Jesus a lot. We talk about him being a kind, gentle, forgiving and generous person. We talk about how Jesus didn’t just talk about these things, but he did them too (he walked the talk). 

I then discussed how we feel when people are not being kind, or how we feel when we are not being kind. The children quickly told me that Jesus would forgive me and show me how to be kind. One child said, ‘When people are being mean everything looks grey and gloomy. It’s not happy and colourful.’ (BINGO! Thank you child!). 

I then asked if perhaps they thought Jesus was like a light for people to follow and act like. One child looked very confused and reminded me, 

“But Miss Rainbow, there was no electricity when Jesus was live. How was he a light?”

The rest of the class then also chimed in, reminding me that there were no iPads, computers, phones or fridges. They completely disagreed that Jesus was a light for others to follow.


Miss Rainbow- 0

A change of style, perhaps?

On our sports day last year, I wore some Lorna Jane 3/4 pants and a pink collared shirt. Naturally, I also had my Nikes on with hot pink socks to match the shirt (why not?). 

Normally, at work, I’m the A-Line dress, dressy pants and top, matching accessories teacher. I should also add that I have quite a collection of flats that I rotate on a regular basis (worked in a shoe shop before I graduated university!). 

As the children excitedly arrived in the morning for their sports day, I was met with confused stares. I had NEVER dressed like that. I was quite busy that morning (too busy to find out why they were all looking at me strangely). I asked them all to go to the toilet. As two girls walked out together, one said to the other, 

“I didn’t know she was a tennis coach as well…”

Yep, I do it all. 

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