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Happy tears

Today, we had a class liturgy with the one of the priests at our school.  It was a very special time. Our priest talked about Easter, Lent and forgiveness with the children. He also asked them how they could be like Jesus, what being like Jesus ‘looks like’ and he explained that if we need to be more like Jesus, we should pray to God asking for that. 

At the end of the liturgy, one boy walked up to the priest and said, 

“That made me so happy just then, I could cry!”

The priest had a chuckle, and said, “Oh, it’s alright, just smile about praying!”

The boy then clarified, 

“Uh, they’d be happy tears, Father!”



Wait, have I got that right?

While talking about the Creation Story and Adam and Eve, the girls in my class were extremely upset to find out that Adam was created first. The boys I taught, obviously felt quite proud and very happy with God’s choice to make ‘man’ first. The girls were done with religion and God. They didn’t want to hear it. One girl told me to close the bible because boys would probably always get everything first in the rest of the story (I had taught her something, looking for a pattern, inferential comprehension). 

I was trying to meet one of my qualities that I listed in the ‘personal qualities’ section on my resume, and think quickly on my feet. Before I could say anything, a girl said ‘Yeah, well the boy might have come first, but the girl gets to carry the babies. We needed the man to come first so he could give us the sperms!’ 

Again, trying to think quickly on my feet, and come up with something to come out of my mouth, and the girl looked at me and said, ‘Wait, have I got that right?’ I just said, ‘Yes, sweetheart.’ Then it was on to maths, much less controversial.

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