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Shake ya tail feather…

While at our sports carnival on Friday, parents and siblings were cheering on their children in the relay races. One sibling, cheered for their brother in a rather, interesting way…

“Go, Jack, shake ya tail feather!”

On a loud, hot, busy day in an open, large space outside, a roar of laughter erupted!



The clip

Today, while discussing  siblings and the sizes of families, one child announced, 

“Well my Mother has five children and she delivered them all naturally. Dad had enough once she had me, so she’s got the clip in her belly to stop the babies getting in!”

Good to know, child. Good to know. 

Bush wee

Today, we were on an excursion and the toilets were unsavoury to say the least (I wouldn’t let my dog sniff them…). I had pre-warned the children to try to go to the toilet twice before we left, as well as not to guzzle the water in their water bottle. At the end of our exploring, one child came to me and said, ‘Miss Rainbow, I know the toilets are bad, but that seriously doesn’t even matter to me right now. That’s how much I’m busting.’ I told her I explained that I understood her ‘busting’ feeling (I actually did) but I really would prefer for her to hold it until we got back to school (on a nice, bouncy bus). 

One child had a better suggestion, 

“She could just do a bush wee!”


In Australia, that’s the equivalent of taking a squat (for a lady) in a forrest or any sort of nature-like setting. 

Lordy be!

Yesterday afternoon, the clouds darkened as playtime drew to a close (while in the staff room, all the teachers prayed for no rain until the bell went!). The children commented about the huge storm that was coming. I checked online and could report that no warnings for a storm existed and perhaps some showers, but no storm. 

Five minutes later, the loudest, most sudden and angry clap of thunder shook our quiet, hard-working classroom. At the time, I was writing on the whiteboard. The pen kept going on the board as I jumped with fright. Out of nowhere, a child exclaimed, 

“Lordy be, that frightened me! I nearly wet my pants!”

I asked, “Who says that in your family?”

“Nanna, she says it all of the time!”

Poor Nanna. Poor little kid!


Today, one of my children threw another child’s track pants in the bin. I took her into the other child’s class to apologise. When we arrived in the other classroom I briefly explained to the teacher what had happened. She said to her student, ‘Surely this lovely girl wouldn’t do a thing like that! She is a nice girl, isn’t she?’ He replied, 


His teacher, quite confused, replied, ‘Pardon me?’ He then said, 

“Nup, she’s not a nice person, she was awful in prep and she DID throw my track pants into the bin!”

Can always trust kids to speak their mind, no matter what!

A name change…

The Voice is on in Australia at the moment. Some of the children in my class are OBSESSED. One boy came to me and said, 

“I am changing my middle name to!”

Now that’s a true fan!

Oh, well excuse me!

While doing a history activity, the children discussed things they used/needed when they were younger, things they use/need now and things they may use/need in the future. The girls have high ambitions for the future and listed things like shoes, perfume, jewellery (some of the rings and necklaces they drew; they’ll have to marry rich!!), fancy cars and one child even drew a horse drawn carriage! 

I prompted her and asked, ‘Is that on your wedding day, Rachael?’ With a flick of her hair, a roll of the eyes, she looked at me and said, 

“Um, no, Miss Rainbow, that is how I’ll be getting to work!”

Oh, well excuse me!


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