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That’s real love…

Today we talked about how much we loved our siblings, cousins and family. One child said, ‘It is really hard to love my sister. Somedays I don’t love her at all.’ Aware the discussion had moved to shaky ground, I said, ‘Surely you’ve loved her a little bit on some days…’. The child paused for a moment and said, 

“Yeah, somedays I love her as much as I love a bird.”

That’s real, true, deep love. 


Family stories

One girl I teach regularly shares stories about her family. One day, she told me all about her cousin who has a girlfriend. She then looked at me, with her big, brown eyes and said, ‘but my cousin who has a girlfriend, is a GIRRRRL’. I politely said, ‘Oh, okay then, sweetheart, that is okay as long as they are happy.’ She then said,

“Well, I’m sure NOT happy when they decide to do marry kisses in front of me!”

I actually had no words. Many tears of laughter, but no words.

You know what happens when you assume…

I refer to my little sisters, as, well, my ‘little sisters’. I have one little sister who lives in Perth. I talk about her quite a lot because I miss her quite a lot. 


One day, I was talking about my Mum and some children said, 

“Yeah, we don’t actually like her.”

Feeling a little confused, I enquired as to why the children did not like my Mum, who they had never met. I was told, 

“Well she mustn’t be very nice if she lets your baby sister go to Perth when she’s still in her nappies.”

I asked them when I had ever said my sister in Perth ever wore nappies. The children explained that I had called her my ‘little sister’ and therefore she simply must wear nappies. 

I quickly explained that she is an adult, wears high heels to work and is in no way still wearing nappies. 

This particular little sister is known as the sister who ‘wears high heels’. 

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