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This one was my mistake…

While handing out work the children had displayed in the classroom, I became a little frustrated that children are still NOT writing their names on their work. To find out who owns what, I’ve usually got to read some of their writing, or have them look at their work to identify it. 

The particular sheet I was handing back to the children was entitled ‘If I had a fairy godmother, I would…’. Most of the children wished for more wishes, to be rich, to meet famous cricketers or to own the Gold Coast Suns. One child, however, has a very sweet tooth and wished for a train made of chocolate. To find out who might own this particular sheet, I yell out (without putting much thought into it at all…)

“Who wants a train made of chocolate?”

I’ve never got their attention so quick in my life! 




If I had a Fairy Godmother…

We are doing lots of work on fairy tales in my class at the moment. This week, we read Cinderella. We talked about what we would do if we met had a Fairy Godmother. I asked one girl what she would do if she had a Fairy Godmother. She said,

“I would wish for her to wave her wand, and make you a prince charming and lots of babies to have with him. You won’t meet a prince charming without my wish, Miss Rainbow!”

Gee, thanks, kid. 


Just like Jesus!

We read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs today. At the end, in the particular version we read, Snow White simply spat out the bit of poisoned apple and rose from her glass coffin. As we read this part of the story, one child exclaims, 

“She’s just like Jesus!”

No words. 

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