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Wouldn’t be without them, would you?

Today, we talked about making a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. We talked about what sort of information we could put on the poster. One child suggested that we should tell people what to do if they see the Big Bad Wolf. I suggested that perhaps a phone number would be important. One child shot her hand in the air, and exclaimed, 

“RACQ, Mum said she wouldn’t be without them!”

To understand, if you are not in Australia, watch this link RACQ basically provides roadside assistance, changes tyres and gives you new batteries if you are in a spot of bother. About ten years ago they had a jingle (which is now their slogan) which sung, ‘Wouldn’t be without them, would you?’ 

This child has been taught well. 


Lord Farquaad

I’m not sure if any of your remember this famous Lord. He starred in Shrek. He was the character Fiona was meant to fallen love with, but really wasn’t that endearing.

At school, we are talking about fairy tales. We listed all kinds of fairy tales, and, naturally, Shrek came up. We then discussed what happens in a fairy tale (someone finds a shoe, an evil queen is mean to someone, usually happens in three’s and the princess falls in love with a prince). Someone recalled that Fiona, in Shrek, did not fall in love with a prince or the person she was meant fall in love with. Some of the children discussed how he was ‘mean’. One boy, was a bit more, well, colourful with his description,

“Lord Farquaad was a prick.”


Short and sweet. Just as it was.

Heart breaking…

This afternoon, as the children said good bye to me (they say, ‘Good afternoon and God Bless you, MRS Rainbow’) I smiled to myself; they still can’t get this MISS thing right. One girl asks, ‘Why are they still calling you MRS Rainbow? You’re not MRS, it’s Miss!’ I said I understood but it’s a tricky thing to get right. The girl then said, ‘You’re not married, yet, though!’ One child then joins in, 

“Yeah, you’re not married because you haven’t met a prince charming. Maybe you’ll never meet him and you’ll be Miss Rainbow forever.”

Gee, thanks, kid. 

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