The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

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Special specialists

A boy in my class was experiencing a few problems with his teeth. He reported back to me about his visit to the, well, you’ll see…

“Miss Rainbow, I have a toof growing the wrong way, it’s growing out and facing you. I have to go to the ornodontist and it will get rocketed off. I will have snitches and it will bleed a bit.”

As I listened, and giggled, the boy looked at me and said,

“This isn’t funny, Miss Rainbow.”

Could have fooled me.



Nicholas or Knicker-less…?

Following a swimming lesson, the children were changing back into their school uniform. I suddenly hear shrieks of ‘I’ve lost my knickers! I’ve lost them, they’re gone! I’ve lost my knickers!’

I observed the girl as she problem-solved. A friend, who was being helpful and kind as I had taught them to be, said kindly,

‘It’s okay, we just won’t do handstands at morning tea!’

The two girls were most confused when I told them this was not the way to solve that particular problem.


Special water

A girl I teach and her older sister were telling me how strong their Dad is. He is so strong, he can carry their Mum up the stairs! When the two girls told me this, the look on my face obviously prompted clarification from them. I didn’t expect to hear,

“Yeah, when Mummy drinks too much special water, she can’t walk up the stairs, so Daddy carries Mummy up stairs.”

 I’d really like a glass of this ‘special water’, or maybe two!


Luck o’ the Irish

We have been doing lots of work this week, and some of it included learning about St Patrick. I stumbled across a Youtube video of a Leprechaun counting. In the video, he Leprechaun says he is ‘1001’ years old. A little girl I teach, who is very small with large, blue, marbled eyes asks with wonder, 

“Miss Rainbow, do Leprechauns live forever?”

It was like she was asking if Santa is real (of course he is!). I said, ‘Yes sweetheart, they do live forever.’ 

We made pots of gold and rainbows (find them on my Pinterest board for Religious Celebrations). The same little girl told everyone to, 

“Make sure you put plenty of glitter on the pots of gold to keep them living forever.”

With any luck, she’s kept the magic going.



Just as a friend…

Toward the end of the school year, one boy asked if I had a job at the school for the following year as we walked to lunch play. I told him that I did. He gave an approving nod. I then asked, ‘Why? Do you like me?’ Very quickly, the boy stopped very quickly, threw his hands up in the air and said, 

‘Yeah, but just as a friend, okay Miss Rainbow?’

Duly noted. 


Have you seen this movie? A great watch! 


A ‘wow’ moment…

Now I like to think every moment in the classroom is a ‘wow’ moment, but obviously my attire added a bit more ‘wow’ to the children’s day. I wore a particularly nice white dress to work today. I know it was a brave move considering I’m a teacher in a Year One classroom, but I had just shaved my legs and I had to make the most of my long (albeit white) smooth legs!

Once we sat down for our prayer, one girl said to me, ‘Miss Rainbow, you look very beautiful today.’ Another child put her hand up immediately and said,

‘Yeah, she is right. When I saw you walking down the stairs this morning, I stopped and thought, “WOW”!!!’


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