The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

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Oh dear

Today we were all in a bit of a silly mood. The kids were getting the giggles and we talked about crazy things that could happen. Then, one boy who is usually quite reserved and quiet, walked up to me and loudly said,

“I’ve known that two plus five equals seven since I was a kid!”

I kindly said, ‘You are a kid!’ Only to hear him say, 

“Oh dear…”

As he put his hand on his forehead. Poor little guy!


Sometimes they make you stop and think

We had a ‘Crazy Sock Day’ fundraiser for Caritas Australia. As we walked to assembly in our crazy socks, I said to one child, “Don’t you wish it was Crazy Sock Day every day?” She looked at me and kindly said, 

“Then it wouldn’t be special, Miss Rainbow.

That kid has been here before. 

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