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Wouldn’t be without them, would you?

Today, we talked about making a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. We talked about what sort of information we could put on the poster. One child suggested that we should tell people what to do if they see the Big Bad Wolf. I suggested that perhaps a phone number would be important. One child shot her hand in the air, and exclaimed, 

“RACQ, Mum said she wouldn’t be without them!”

To understand, if you are not in Australia, watch this link RACQ basically provides roadside assistance, changes tyres and gives you new batteries if you are in a spot of bother. About ten years ago they had a jingle (which is now their slogan) which sung, ‘Wouldn’t be without them, would you?’ 

This child has been taught well. 


A change of style, perhaps?

On our sports day last year, I wore some Lorna Jane 3/4 pants and a pink collared shirt. Naturally, I also had my Nikes on with hot pink socks to match the shirt (why not?). 

Normally, at work, I’m the A-Line dress, dressy pants and top, matching accessories teacher. I should also add that I have quite a collection of flats that I rotate on a regular basis (worked in a shoe shop before I graduated university!). 

As the children excitedly arrived in the morning for their sports day, I was met with confused stares. I had NEVER dressed like that. I was quite busy that morning (too busy to find out why they were all looking at me strangely). I asked them all to go to the toilet. As two girls walked out together, one said to the other, 

“I didn’t know she was a tennis coach as well…”

Yep, I do it all. 

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