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Give us porridge

Today, the children were writing prayers that relate to Pentecost. One of the lines was, ‘Give us courage.’ One child misheard me, and loudly asked, 

“Give us porridge?”

Ah the laughter… 


Kid- 1 Miss Rainbow-0

We talk about Jesus a lot. We talk about him being a kind, gentle, forgiving and generous person. We talk about how Jesus didn’t just talk about these things, but he did them too (he walked the talk). 

I then discussed how we feel when people are not being kind, or how we feel when we are not being kind. The children quickly told me that Jesus would forgive me and show me how to be kind. One child said, ‘When people are being mean everything looks grey and gloomy. It’s not happy and colourful.’ (BINGO! Thank you child!). 

I then asked if perhaps they thought Jesus was like a light for people to follow and act like. One child looked very confused and reminded me, 

“But Miss Rainbow, there was no electricity when Jesus was live. How was he a light?”

The rest of the class then also chimed in, reminding me that there were no iPads, computers, phones or fridges. They completely disagreed that Jesus was a light for others to follow.


Miss Rainbow- 0

The burial of Jesus

As we talk about The Easter Story at school, the children have lots of ‘interesting’ questions. 

One that gave me a little giggle was, 

“Miss Rainbow, why didn’t they put Jesus in a cotton? It’s very mean to put him in a hole and not in a cotton.”

Lucky he didn’t stay in ‘the hole’ for too long, I guess!

Happy tears

Today, we had a class liturgy with the one of the priests at our school.  It was a very special time. Our priest talked about Easter, Lent and forgiveness with the children. He also asked them how they could be like Jesus, what being like Jesus ‘looks like’ and he explained that if we need to be more like Jesus, we should pray to God asking for that. 

At the end of the liturgy, one boy walked up to the priest and said, 

“That made me so happy just then, I could cry!”

The priest had a chuckle, and said, “Oh, it’s alright, just smile about praying!”

The boy then clarified, 

“Uh, they’d be happy tears, Father!”


Luck o’ the Irish

We have been doing lots of work this week, and some of it included learning about St Patrick. I stumbled across a Youtube video of a Leprechaun counting. In the video, he Leprechaun says he is ‘1001’ years old. A little girl I teach, who is very small with large, blue, marbled eyes asks with wonder, 

“Miss Rainbow, do Leprechauns live forever?”

It was like she was asking if Santa is real (of course he is!). I said, ‘Yes sweetheart, they do live forever.’ 

We made pots of gold and rainbows (find them on my Pinterest board for Religious Celebrations). The same little girl told everyone to, 

“Make sure you put plenty of glitter on the pots of gold to keep them living forever.”

With any luck, she’s kept the magic going.



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