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Bush wee

Today, we were on an excursion and the toilets were unsavoury to say the least (I wouldn’t let my dog sniff them…). I had pre-warned the children to try to go to the toilet twice before we left, as well as not to guzzle the water in their water bottle. At the end of our exploring, one child came to me and said, ‘Miss Rainbow, I know the toilets are bad, but that seriously doesn’t even matter to me right now. That’s how much I’m busting.’ I told her I explained that I understood her ‘busting’ feeling (I actually did) but I really would prefer for her to hold it until we got back to school (on a nice, bouncy bus). 

One child had a better suggestion, 

“She could just do a bush wee!”


In Australia, that’s the equivalent of taking a squat (for a lady) in a forrest or any sort of nature-like setting. 


A crap load of generosity

A student I teach lives on a farm and brought me in eggs today. After having a week off while camping, he returned today, ready to be back in the swing of things. He was trying to balance everything as he came in, including half a dozen eggs from his farm. I was so excited to see him, I crouched down, and said to him, “Are these for me?”. He leant in, gave me a cuddle and said, 

“Yes, Miss Rainbow. I collected them myself. Then I washed all of the poo off them for you.”

So generous and kind. 

The eggs are in the oven now, as part of an orange and almond cake for lunches, minus the poo.

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