The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

In my mind…

In my mind, I am several different kinds of teachers. Some good, some bad, some crazy, and some very, very ugly.

In my mind, when I am sitting on the carpet, eating fruit snack and reading a book, I’m just like Miss Honey from Matilda.



Other times, I’m the exact opposite, and Miss Honey’s greatest enemy, and have a bit of an outburst. Those times, I am terrified to think that I behave like The Trunchball…


Those are only on very, very bad days… And I’m not even really that bad. I don’t have a ‘chokey’ I swear!!

Some days, when we do exploratory stuff or science, I feel a bit like Miss Frizzle (can you tell I’m a ’90’s kid??). Quite often, I hear the kids grumble and rumble when I say when we are going to do something exciting or fun. They know it means a little bit of chaos and not the quiet, organised, orderly classroom they prefer!


Then again, maybe I’m like the teacher who wouldn’t let you get away with anything. One thing I won’t budge on is rules. Rules are not made to be broken. I enforce them and there are consequences if they are not followed. As a result, kids know where I stand and we can have a ‘classroom’ a bit like this guy…

Either way, I’m several different teachers. I’m also a judge, a second Mother, a nurse, a psychologist, a law enforcement officer, a pacifier, a warm cuddle, a literacy coach, a scientist, a doctor (have diagnosed a few medical problems!), a parent, a friend, an actor (oh goodness the acting), a singer, a dancer, and performer (not a great one) and a person with a love of life and a love for my job. I won’t be every child’s favourite teacher. But I know them, I connect with them, and I give them everything I need to succeed. Whether it be a Miss Honey, a Trunchball, Stormin’ Norman’, Mr D, Miss Frizzle or the wonderful Senior history teacher I had in High School who ALWAYS made sure each student got a fair go.


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