The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

But seriously…

I know this blog is filled with funny, amusing and cute stories (well I’d like to think it is), but seriously, I love my job. I have my moments, just like anyone does. There are tough and gruelling times as a teacher especially during times such as the beginning of the year, report card times and parent-teacher interview times. It’s the innocence of children that get you through those times, and make you grateful to be there with them.

As a teacher there are some things that I’m passionate about. My non-negotiables are:

  • Independence– children must have the opportunity to be independent and have a go at day-to-day things on their own.
  • Fun– I do my very best to keep the days in the classroom fun. Kids don’t remember learning how to read, they remember fairytale days, winning a game of Bingo, playing Buzz Off, melting chocolate, making popcorn and so much more.
  • Noise– a quiet classroom doesn’t necessarily mean learning is happening; nor does lots of noise mean that no learning is happening. A balance of talking and listening between the teacher and all children is most important.
  • Read– we read something every day be it a book, an image, a cartoon or a novel.
  • Move– children’s bodies were not made to sit still; sitting still uses more muscles than any other activity or exercise. I give the children ‘brain breaks’ during each session we are inside the classroom.
  • Kindness– I model and encourage kindness at every point of the day
  • Positivity– I am a firm believer in positive thinking and action. ‘Yet’ is a positive word and whenever I hear a child say, ‘I can’t do it’ I make sure they end it with a ‘yet’. Much kinder and understanding than ‘Yes you can!’ the reality is that they mightn’t be able to yet.
  • Reflection– I make sure I regularly reflect on each child’s learning with them. I discuss their accomplishments, achievements and progress. I show them how much their work improves. I remind them that what they learn over a short period of time is amazing.
  • Meditation– I use the Smiling Mind app in my classroom at least once a week. Children need to sit, be still and breathe deep.
  • Help and support– I provide help and support to the children I teach. This does not mean ‘doing it for them’, rather, I provide them with the help they need to succeed.
  • Cuddles and affection– I believe that when children need it, affection and cuddles are a must. Even just holding a hand, a hand on the back or a big smile goes a long way.


Comments on: "But seriously…" (4)

  1. Love it! I have to look up that Smiling Mind App. I also love what you say about independence, and it is number one on your list. I will focus more on providing this opportunity for her.
    My youngest is starting kindergarden this upcoming Fall, she is very excited! She will be turning 6 in September, so I was so lucky to have this extra year with her. In Massachusetts the age cut off is August 31st.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks for the comment! Smiling Mind App is an Australian one (well I am assuming it is as the narrator is Australian). It’s brilliant and the children often ask me if we can do it (especially on a hot day!).
      Independence is a really important thing for all of us. You could help your little one by packing lunches for her now and having her practise unwrapping, opening and organising herself for lunches (this seems to be a particularly busy point of the day for children).
      I’m in Australia. Our first ‘formal’ year of school is called ‘Prep’ and the age ‘rule’ for this first year is that the child must turn six before June 30 (our school year starts at the end of January).

  2. I started following your blog yesterday. I read every story that you shared here. I like every word of it. I have a little experience in teaching, but the ‘kids’ were ‘big kids’, some of them were even older than me. I was a lecturer in a university. We had funny moments, but not this much. So, I cannot relate to your stories but I love your blog. Hilarious.

    • Thanks for the kind words and for following! The children I teach make me laugh (sometimes push me to tears!) and bring joy to me in every way. Keep reading as I’ve got holidays and many more to share/write.

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