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You’re too pretty…

In Australia, we have a van, called ‘Life Education’. It promotes healthy living and educates all children (younger children more subtly) about drug use and its dangers. The younger children engage with a giraffe named Harold. The van is AWESOME and I loved visiting when I was a kid.

The visit can bring up feelings of worry and concern as it discusses smoking and how bad it is for you. Children who have parents who smoke usually want to talk about this after the visit.

A child asked me,

“Have you ever smoked, Miss Rainbow?”

Before I could tell them that no, never have I smoked a cigarette, I was told, 

“No, you’re too pretty to smoke.”

And that was that! 


I didn’t get a turn!

A child in my class had the sulks today. After I asked what was wrong, I was told, rather explosively,

“I didn’t get a turn on the interrupting whiteboard!”

Umm, righteo, child!

Play School

So there’s this show in Australia. It’s been around for years. It’s classic, beautiful and one of my favourites. When I was a kid, I wanted to be on the show. It’s called, ‘Play School’.

After a weekend of painting with my other half, I was asked to sing less as we had the radio on in the background. I sung louder. He told me he felt sorry for my class (jokingly).

At school on Monday, I sung something, only to be told, ‘Miss Rainbow, you should be on Play School!’



E V E R.


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