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Do these words mean anything to you?

It was only a matter of time until one of my Year One students asked about Robin Williams or said something about it. I just didn’t think it would be…

“Miss Rainbow, do the words, ‘Mork and Mindy’, mean anything to you?”

When I said, yes, the child said, ‘My Mum told me you just wouldn’t understand it’.

May Robin Williams rest in peace.



The pressure is on!

While playing a gam of ‘Round the World’ with my class one child became quite anxious. Initially, as the competing children came closer to her, she said she had butterflies. Then, as the child approached her chair to stand behind, she announced, 

“Oh it’s just too much! I need to go and do a nervous wee! I’l be back…’

And off she ran to the bathroom before her competing turn arrived! 

An… infection…

While talking to the children about the various coughs, colds and sniffles going around, one child reminded me (for the twentieth time) that they have a chest infection and they have medicine for it. One child asks, 

“Do you take the same medicine for your chest infection as I take for my pagina infection?”

Yes there were parents in the room. 

Yes we have a high profile visitor coming to see our class tomorrow. 

Yes that child will be gagged, bound and locked in a cupboard! 

Seriously, though, I love their innocence in that there are no secrets or private information. Such a lovely world they life in. 

The silver lining in every bump!

While walking to assembly today, I heard a loud, ‘thump’. I knew immediately a child’s head had hit something. It had hit the concrete floor we were walking on to assembly. Initially, I expected to see a child on the floor who is ALWAYS falling over. Not this time, it was another child. Once the injured child was dealt with and was iced up and assessed by the school nurse, I hear my accident prone child say, 

“Luckily he hit the part of his brain that isn’t smart and won’t help him get smarter.”

I know it’s not even worth trying to explain how wrong the child was! 

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