The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

Oh my God!!

I’m on school holidays at the moment and I became a babysitter for my two cousins during the week. One is in Grade One (First Grade, Year One, whatever) and the other is in Year Six. I teach Year One also. 

While driving to the park, with our little dog (gorgeous thing, Daschund X Jack Russle- think cute and mischief all in one). 

During the ride, Leo, the dog, propped himself up and rested his paws on the back of my front passenger seat to get a good view. I am all about safety in cars and very quickly exclaimed, 

“Excuse me, that is definitely not safe. You can sit on your bottom now thank you!”

My cousin slaps herself on the forehead and says, 

“Oh, MY, GOD. You really are a teacher, you have the best teacher voice ever!”

I pulled a Miss Rainbow on the dog. Go me. Happy holidays, teachers!


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