The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

Lord Farquaad

I’m not sure if any of your remember this famous Lord. He starred in Shrek. He was the character Fiona was meant to fallen love with, but really wasn’t that endearing.

At school, we are talking about fairy tales. We listed all kinds of fairy tales, and, naturally, Shrek came up. We then discussed what happens in a fairy tale (someone finds a shoe, an evil queen is mean to someone, usually happens in three’s and the princess falls in love with a prince). Someone recalled that Fiona, in Shrek, did not fall in love with a prince or the person she was meant fall in love with. Some of the children discussed how he was ‘mean’. One boy, was a bit more, well, colourful with his description,

“Lord Farquaad was a prick.”


Short and sweet. Just as it was.


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