The hilarious things the children I teach have said.

While explaining to my class why I am a ‘Miss’ not a ‘Mrs’ a few children had questions. One was,

“Why aren’t you a Mrs yet?”

I explained I hadn’t met a husband YET. 

Later that day, a girl came up to me and said, 

“Miss Rainbow, I’ve been thinking about how you can’t find a husband. I know how you can find one. If you actually put on make up, and then put on some jewellery and then go and sit at a restaurant, you’ll find a husband. You just have to actually wear your make up and jewellery and just sit there. Then he will come.”

The next day, she brought me a bangle she decorated herself and said,

“This is so you can find a husband and become a ‘Mrs.'”

Still waiting, and I’m actually wearing make up and my finest jewellery. 



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