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You know what happens when you assume…

I refer to my little sisters, as, well, my ‘little sisters’. I have one little sister who lives in Perth. I talk about her quite a lot because I miss her quite a lot. 


One day, I was talking about my Mum and some children said, 

“Yeah, we don’t actually like her.”

Feeling a little confused, I enquired as to why the children did not like my Mum, who they had never met. I was told, 

“Well she mustn’t be very nice if she lets your baby sister go to Perth when she’s still in her nappies.”

I asked them when I had ever said my sister in Perth ever wore nappies. The children explained that I had called her my ‘little sister’ and therefore she simply must wear nappies. 

I quickly explained that she is an adult, wears high heels to work and is in no way still wearing nappies. 

This particular little sister is known as the sister who ‘wears high heels’. 


Will you be the rainbow?

Today, the rains arrived. Lots of rain. Heavy rain. In fact, we broke out into random song singing Insy Winsy, Rain, rain, go away, The colours of the rainbow and a few others. One child then asked, 

“Will you be our rainbow when the rain finishes?”

So cute. And yes, I will be their rainbow. 

It just melted my heart!

As we were half way through a mathematics task today, one particular child finished quickly and did a wonderful job. I said to her, ‘Well done, Zelda, you’ve tried so hard and done a great job! Keep it up.’ She jumped up, followed me to my desk and said, 

“Oh Miss Rainbow, I just love having you as my teacher.”

Probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever been told. I do wish, as adults, we weren’t as reserved and ‘scared’ to just say what we are thinking/feeling. Kids just tend to come out with it (good, bad or ugly). They don’t hold much back. I love that. 

Brutally honest: Kids writing notes (16 photos)

Love kids writing.

And the understanding blooms!

While learning about Jesus today, we talked about Jesus being a person, just like you and me. I read a few stories to the children and explained that even though when he was an adult he had a few ‘special’ things about him, when he was a child, he was just like the children I teach.

We listened to a song about Jesus, which explained where Jesus grew up (Galilee). When asking the children, ‘Where did Jesus grow up?’ One child, brightly and excitedly shot up his hand and said,

“He grew up in Calla Lily! The flowers I grow in the garden must be from that place where Jesus grew up!”

Too cute!

Nothing like dating advice from a six year old…

While explaining to my class why I am a ‘Miss’ not a ‘Mrs’ a few children had questions. One was,

“Why aren’t you a Mrs yet?”

I explained I hadn’t met a husband YET. 

Later that day, a girl came up to me and said, 

“Miss Rainbow, I’ve been thinking about how you can’t find a husband. I know how you can find one. If you actually put on make up, and then put on some jewellery and then go and sit at a restaurant, you’ll find a husband. You just have to actually wear your make up and jewellery and just sit there. Then he will come.”

The next day, she brought me a bangle she decorated herself and said,

“This is so you can find a husband and become a ‘Mrs.'”

Still waiting, and I’m actually wearing make up and my finest jewellery. 


Elementary School Chorus’ Version Of “Happy” Will Make Your Day Brighter

This is fantastic! I should also add to my ‘But Seriously’ page that kids CAN do so much more than we give them credit for! Amazing. I’m happy!

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